Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am starting this blog for my first item in "23 things on a stick" the "learn as you go - teach yourself social networkings skills" program for Minnesota libraries. I am also starting this blog in the effort to provide a place for those in the library and information world to share ideas and best practices, discuss current issues and concerns, and provide a place for anyone and everyone to ask questions, express concerns, and share knowledge with others.

To get things started, and keep things going - I work in an academic library, and have also worked in the K-12 and public setting. In all of these jobs, I have been asked: "what does a librarian or those in a library profession do" (besides reading books)? In the weeks to come, I plan on posting a log about daily activities in my "library" world. I am hoping everyone feels free to comment on, and contribute to the blog, as topics are brought up, and ideas brought forward. Let's make this social gathering of virtual bodies and minds a truly collaborative effort.

(yes, the b stands for books)